U.S. Pastoral Renewal Conferences

Pastors in the United States are dropping out of ministry at the rate of 50 per day. Some of those have finished well and are choosing to retire. But the majority are leaving the ministry for negative reasons: moral failure, burnout, divorce, or health problems. Seminary never taught them to run the race at a sustainable pace.

The Brook Ministries believes those who serve the Lord need times of regular renewal and encouragement. During our week-long renewal conference in Costa Rica for ministers and worship leaders, we guide a small group of just 10 couples along the path of renewal. We care for each person — spirit, soul and body.

Our dedicated staff lead guests on breathtaking excursions, including a hike to a 300 foot waterfall, a tour of the rainforest canopy, and visits to an active volcano and a working coffee plantation. Every woman also receives a complimentary massage. Tours, food, conference materials and transports are covered in this all-inclusive week. Small groups and church members are encouraged to sponsor their ministry leaders.

Events are currently being scheduled by request.

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U.S. Pastoral Renewal Conference

Every day 50 US pastors quit the ministry. Find out how together we can keep your pastor from being one of those statistics.

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