What We Do

The Brook is a full-service mission organization based in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. From this strategic location, we seek to equip and renew pastors from throughout the Americas. In addition, we provide mission opportunities for families and churches wanting to get involved in missions in a safe and secure location.

For Latin American Pastors & Spouses

We have two key initiatives to support Latin American ministry:

  1. Leader Training Workshops - Three-day workshops for pastors and spouses that focus on the most relevant and practical issues being faced in the Latin American church. Our conferences not only provide training, but a place of mutual support and encouragement, as well as connection with fellow-servants.
  2. Church Planting Program - We actively support the planting of churches in Latin America. Candidates interested in planting a church are encouraged to contact us to discuss the possibilities. All church planters must raise their own support.

For U.S. Pastors & Spouses

We have two key initiatives to support U.S. pastors and churches:

  1. Leader Renewal Conferences - Week-long conferences for pastors and spouses that focus on spiritual, emotional, and physical renewal. Our retreat experiences are designed to restore ministry couples and keep them vitally active in ministry.
  2. Mission Trip Coordination Service - We help churches develop a mission experience for volunteer teams interested in working through Latin American churches in areas of evangelism, orphan care, community assistance, and street ministry.

For U.S. Families and Small Groups

The Brook delights in developing custom experiences for families and small groups.

  1. Vacation With A Purpose - We help families plan a custom vacation experience. We promise you won't spend any more than you would planning the trip yourself. And the money you save will go to support our ministry projects. You will have a great vacation, and in the process fund ministry. It's a win-win.
  2. Family Mission Trip - We help families develop a custom mission experience working through Latin American churches in areas of evangelism, orphan care, community assistance, and street ministry. All activities are age-appropriate.

For Our Community

The Brook believes in being an active member of the Latin American community. As such, we are working on the following initiatives:

  1. Orphan Care - We work through local churches to assist orphanages, providing the most basic needs: clothes, hygiene items, toys, and most of all, love.
  2. Emergency Relief - The Brook is not a relief organization, but we maintain a state of readiness to assist with local or national emergencies.

Vacation With a Purpose

Ordinary people are discovering how to enjoy a vacation in beautiful Costa Rica and make a positive impact at the same time. Find out how to take a vacation with a purpose.

Latin American Pastoral Training

Approximately 90% of Latin American pastors have little to no formal ministry training. Learn how we are making a difference.

Short Term Mission Trip

Families, small groups and churches are choosing Costa Rica for entry level, and custom mission trips. Safe, affordable, and life-changing.

Church-based Humanitarian Assistance

Churches get a passion for reaching the world when they learn how to help their neighbors. See what these churches are doing.

U.S. Pastoral Renewal Conference

Every day 50 US pastors quit the ministry. Find out how together we can keep your pastor from being one of those statistics.

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