What You Can Do

There are many opportunities to get involved helping The Brook Ministries. Below are just a few suggestions. If you have other ideas, please let us know!

Spread the Word

We need "virtual missionaries" to help us get the word out. Try some of these ideas to get started:

  1. Facebook —  Like our Brook Ministries page (www.facebook.com/thebrookministries) and invite your friends to do the same.
  2. Twitter — Follow @brookministries, and retweet our updates so your followers can learn more.
  3. YouTube — Check out the brookministries channel, and share your favorite videos with your friends.
  4. Bloggers — Include a link to this website on your blog. Write a story about us, or invite your readers to tell you about their pastor. Get the buzz going!

Take a Short Term Mission Trip

Whether through your church or as a family, a short-term mission trip is just the thing to ignite your spiritual passion and do some good at the same time. The Brook provides custom mission experiences, working through indigenous churches, to do real ministry.

We also have limited opportunities to assist during our pastor training and renewal events. Space is usually limited for these events, so please ask about serving well in advance.

Take a Vacation With a Purpose

Costa Rica is a safe and exciting place for a vacation. When you allow The Brook to help plan your vacation with a purpose , you are directly supporting the ministry. Choose your excursions and hotels, and even a ministry opportunity if you like. It’s all up to you.

Volunteer at Home

  • Serve at our silent auction
  • Collect donations for an orphan relief trip
  • Coordinate a mailing
  • Conduct an interview

Give Financially

As a faith-based ministry, we rely on the generous support of individuals and churches for our daily operation, as well as for our ministry projects. We invite you to prayerfully consider how God would use you to help support The Brook.

  • Financial Support
  • Donating Assets

    All contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. The Brook is a 501(c)(3) charity, and full financial statements are available upon request.

Pastoral Training

Our primary ministry centers of equipping and encouraging pastoral couples in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Learn how we are making a difference.

Church Development

Churches get a passion for reaching the world when they learn how to help their neighbors. See what these churches are doing.

Mission Team Hosting

Families, small groups and churches are choosing Costa Rica for custom mission trips. Safe, affordable, and life-changing.

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