Prayers Needed – AIBC Pastors Hit By COVID-19

At this time last year, I was travelling with some amazing colleagues all over Costa Rica holding pastoral training meetings with the 130+ pastors of the Asociación de Iglesias Bíblicas Costarricenses (AIBC). Our primary mission was to collect data about pastoral education that I needed for my doctoral dissertation. It was the road trip of a lifetime!

Sadly this morning I learned that there are now two of these pastors in the hospital, suffering from COVID-19. A prayer alert has gone out to all the member churches of the association, and now I am asking all my friends to pray for these two pastors. For privacy I will not give their names, but the Lord knows them. Please say a prayer for Pastor C and Pastor J (I previously called him Pastor L, my mistake). Pray also for their families and their churches.

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