2022 Raven Scholarship Testimonies

We recently received testimonies from several of the 2022 Raven Scholarship recipients. Here are a few of our favorites.

I am very grateful to ESEPA, who opened the doors for me this year to study the Master of Theology, supporting me with a 100% scholarship.

I am General Pastor of a congregation in Coronado, and as we all know the post-pandemic economic situation, it has brought a strong contraction that the income is only to cover the vast majority of expenses related to the church.

I am a professional in Business Administration, and a diploma in theology, the courses I have taken so far are to level. However, they have allowed me to greatly improve my pastoral work, in terms of biblical study and interpretation.

What I learned in Hermeneutics in both courses are very valuable knowledge that teaches me to observe the Word from another form; studying the historical, cultural, literary context, among everything that implies an exegesis.

Like me, these types of scholarships certainly help the development of new leaders.

Johnny Perez Orozco

More than ten years ago God made a call to my life. My longing had always been to enter ESEPA to study and prepare for that calling. A little more than eight months God reminded me again of  that call and troubled me to train me.

I applied for the scholarship and for the glory of God they approved it, which has allowed me to train, study, interpret and know better the word of God, I have been able to unlearn the way I thought many things were, to and learn and acquire new knowledge.

In my case, if it were not for the scholarship I could not continue studying and fulfilling my calling. I dream to reach and exercise what God called me to do, enabling me to give God an excellent service.

Thank God first and ESEPA for the great support allowing me to  fulfill my dreams and purposes in God.

Priscilla Campos Chavarría.

My name is Ervin Granera, married and father of 3 children. Together with my wife, we serve in a ministry called Levanta, which through biblical counseling seeks to give hope to victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. In my local church (El Lugar), I serve in the musical ministry and pastoral body, teaching the word of God. My wife and I supported ourselves from a musical project called Entre Cuerdas (saxophone and classical guitar), but that work decreased greatly since the Covid-19 pandemic, affecting all areas, especially the economic.  I had to leave investments that were not strictly to support my family financially. ESEPA was an option; However, upon learning about the scholarship program, the Lord answered my prayers, for I truly long to finish my master’s degree in Pastoral Leadership and to be instrumental in advancing the kingdom of God in this calling and ministry.

First of all, I want to thank the ESEPA Seminary for all the support provided through this scholarship. It is a great help for those of us who have this privilege. I thank God for this blessing. Benefiting from this scholarship has allowed me to pursue my studies at ESEPA since I began my pastoral studies at that seminary. In this semester (III-2022) course Theology III and Integral Mission, all this has helped me to continue growing in knowledge, to have more tools to apply them in the ministries in which I serve, both in the discipleships that I carry in my church, in Biblical studies and in general to strengthen my foundations in Christ.

This financial help gives us the opportunity to pursue our studies, our pastoral preparation (in my case), in order to continue our formation as servants after the heart of Christ (Acts 13:22).

 Yonny Galindo

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