Pastoral Training

We invest in pastors.

Pastors in Central America are some of the hardest working in ministry. But access to training is limited. At the heart of our ministry model, we are dedicated to providing affordable training to the pastors and leaders of Latin America. Our events are subsidized, making them affordable for couples in ministry. That means you, our donor, are an equal partner in pastoral training. It cannot happen without you.


During our customized one-, two-, and three-day workshops, we bring the best professors and teachers together with small groups of pastors and their spouses for an intensive time of training.

Workshop themes are based on real needs identified by those active in ministry. Our full-time presence in Costa Rica keeps us close to those we serve, so our ministry investment is always relevant, timely, and most importantly, biblical.


Serving as a pastor can be a lonely and difficult job, so having someone to talk to can make a real difference. Different that counselling, coaching helps the pastor apply the knowledge he already has and provides a sounding board for difficult situations.

Steve Lucas is not only a veteran pastor with over 30 years of experience, but he is also a certified Pastoral Coach. He offers coaching services for both one-time and regular clients for all church and ministry-related issues.


The one constant in ministry is change. Because of that, it is important for churches and ministries to understand the issues and trends that will impact the people they serve.

In 2019-20, Steve Lucas completed doctoral research examining the education levels of pastors in Costa Rica. That study provided a base for future ministry research that will help answer the biggest problems facing the church in Costa Rica.