Local Resident Blesses Grecia Church

One of my greatest thrills in ministry is serving as a “middle man” between supply and need. Sometimes it is as simple as raising money for church projects and emergency needs. At other times, it involves introducing people who go on to have an amazing ministerial relationship. I love it because even though only God knows how things will ultimately turn out, I can be confident it will turn out beautifully.

For example, a few minutes ago I received these photos of the recently upgraded kitchen at Iglesia Biblica Uncion con Glora in Grecia, Alajuela, Costa Rica. The story began years ago when some of our neighbors went with us to Grecia to attend a service at which I was preaching. That relationship has continued, and so when my neighbor was remodeling his kitchen in Atenas, he gladly donated these cabinets to a church that does a lot of good in its community. Absolutely beautiful gift and giver!

May we all be quick to share our circles of influence and be creative in the ways we can bless others and serve the Lord.

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