Churches, Now Is the Time to Plan for 2021

2020 has taken its toll on world missions. But 2020 is almost over, and the world is beginning to reopen. Costa Rica is open and The Brook Ministries is ready to schedule church mission teams for 2021. Now is the time!

Every mission trip is planned to meet the unique needs of both the sending and receiving church. So whether your passion is evangelism, education, construction, youth, or you simply want to plan a “first look” vision trip, don’t hesitate to contact us to start the process. We work with all sizes of churches and groups. We can accommodate small teams of 10 or less right here at our facility, or help make arrangements for larger groups at trusted properties.

Every group project is planned with the Kingdom in mind. We live and work in Costa Rica full time, so you can rest assured once your team leaves, we are able to follow up on your work to ensure that the greatest impact is made from your investment.

Get your team together and let’s schedule a time to video-chat.

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